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So you say your bumps come from dirty Clipper’s? Hair Bumps, Fungi, Ingrown Hair

April 21, 2016    

So you say your hair bumps come from dirty Clipper’s? That’s not true!! The bumps on the back of you head, face,etc…. did not come from dirty clippers or the barber shop. It actually comes from ingrown hair curling under your skin and causing an infection. Depending on the your blood type and skin you may experience bleeding, scalp irritation, keliods and the area of infection spreading as well.

Bald fades and close cuts

Everyone is not a canaditate to wear a bald fade or close cut because of the curl pattern of the strand.  Some clippers and shavers are made to pull the hair follicule up before cutting the hair strand. The hair cannot aSome hair has a very tight curl pattern and will not break through the skin.has tendencies notyahs a  cuIf you are aware of your skin and type of hair you will notice that when  If you are looking for a product to cure this is it!  This product is good for  the more things


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